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The fact that we continue to get years "young" as the time passes sometimes catches up with us all in one lump. That, at least, has been the experience of the coaches of the Harwell-Mille Post 88 Junior American Legion baseball team, Clydell Calstleman, the former New York Giant hurler, was out with the boys and during a practice game, volunteered to show them how to hit. He, however, hit into a double play. Shortly thereafter, Coach G. C. Russell decided to show second-base candidate the proper way to field his position. When the ground ball arrived, G. C. found he couldn't bend over far enough and allowed it to trickle through his legs. Then Manager Bill Lockhart, serving as umpire behind the pitcher in the practice game, turned to watch a play at second base and took the catcher's throw in the middle of his back!

The Kentucky Derby is a year-around event for many people so we don't mind relaying a story about this year's a little bit late. Mrs. E. H. Duke, our Una correspondent, says New Dawn, home of Mrs. Weaver Harris and Mr. and Mrs. Roger Smith, was the scene of something unusual -- a "listening party" for those who were unable to attend the Derby in person. One of the features of the afternoon was the cutting of the Derby Cake, which was especially decorated with chocolate horses mounted by jockeys wearing yellow caps. The lead horse carried a wreath of roses and wild roses formed the rest of the decorations. Of course the occasion was climaxed by Governor Jim McCord cutting the cake as news of the Derby filtered in over the radio.

Service organizations are running into an unusual bit of difficulty in regard to wills. Thousands of men, about to embark for overseas duty, made out wills with other men as witnesses -- many of whom cannot now be located by surviving relatives. Too, some made out wills while single and they have since married without changing the original wills.

Soapy Casteel, who came out to vote for B. B. Boyd in the Civic Club election, couldn't believe his eyes when he saw his old friend, J. H. Adams, all decked out in that blue smock. Soapy, after taking that blow, was doubly surprised when he saw the DIARY'S new truck. Soapy, always ready with a quick bit of repartee, immediately suggested the DIARY purchase the Donelson Union Station from the TC for use as a garage for the new truck.

Miscellaneous Matter:  Mrs. Florence Redelsheimer, who will soon be elected Commander of American Legion Post 5, is surprisingly adept in a variety of accomplishments. She only recently held a group of Legionnaires spell-bound with her piano-playing and then turns right around and does a bang-up job of lawn-cutting.... For a clear cut resume of middle Tennessee news, listen to WLAC at 9 a.m. each Sunday morning -- there has been a story about Donelson on nearly every program.... When are police authorities going to clamp down on those trucks which rush through town with the throttle wide open?

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