Historic Bluefields

The development of the Bluefields subdivision began in 1929 by the Bransford Realty Company of Nashville, Tennessee. Home construction began in the early 1930's, with fifty to sixty homes built by the Bransford Realty Company by the end of 1938.

Bransford Realty developed Belle Meade Links and other sections throughout the Green Hills Area during this same time frame. Many houses in all three neighborhoods share some of the same architectural characteristics and features. One difference in Bluefields, however, is the size of the lots as compared to sister neighborhoods and others of the time period, with some over two acres in size.

Stanford Realty company took over the building of homes in Bluefields in 1938, which began the diversity of styles that we have throughout the neighborhood. The final phase of building, Bluefield Square, was developed in the 1970's on the property once occupied by the Swiss Farm Dairy within Bluefields proper. This was one of the first developments of Frank Batson, reputable builder in the Nashville area.

Bluefields is the oldest neighborhood in Donelson. It is composed of the following streets: Bluefield Avenue, Bluefield Square, Cumberland Circle, Habersham, Overhill, Spring Valley Lane, and Spring Valley Road.

There are approximately 225 homes in the modern day Bluefields, with several families that are 2nd generation Bluefield residents. Bluefields continues to grow and age gracefully as we strive to protect historic integrity of this Nashville treasure. Bluefields also provides a beautiful landscape with many of the originaly planted spruces still found through-out the neighborhood.

Historic Bluefields promotes historic preservation while celebrating Bluefield's architecture, history and revitalization within the Donelson Community.

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