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In 2013 we had numerous iniquiries from neighbors about how to tackle the issue of roaming dogs in Bluefields. It is a very valid question and there are many concerns that can arise with roaming dogs ranging from residents safety to the dogs safety as well as other pets safety. Many of our board members are dog owners so it is very easy to understand the residents concern as well their love for their pets.

Be A Great Pet Owner In Historic Bluefields

President Tammy Hobbs prepared this statement recently to help clarify this question:

Dear neighbors of Bluefields,

We have received numerous complaints from neighbors over the past few months concerning roaming dogs in our neighborhood. The complaints are increasing weekly.

Although we understand the frustration, unfortunately, the Bluefields Homeowners Association does not have the power or jurisdiction to reprimand pet owners who do not keep their pets in their yards and on a leash or enforce any laws. We are a voluntary organization who strives to better the neighborhood by doing positive things. All of our board is voluntary and all of our dues paying members are voluntary. With that being said, I do agree that dogs running loose is becoming an increasing issue in the Bluefields neighborhood. Most of us are loving pet owners who want the best for our animals and we do not want animal control picking them up.

Phil Claiborne was notified about this matter and his response is below.

Animal control has seen been driving around our neighborhood frequently in the past month because of complaints of roaming dogs. I understand that pets get out of fences and homes sometimes but these complaints are repeat offenders.

It is difficult to control a dog on a leash when another dog is running loose and approaches you and your leashed animal.

Please be considerate of your neighbors and keep your animal in your yard or on a leash. It would be horrible if they got picked up by animal control for your negligence or another pet killed by the roaming animal. I hope this makes everyone aware on both sides of this issue and we are respectful of one another. We are neighbors and need to behave as such.

Thank you,
Tammy Hobbs, President, BHA

Need additional Help:

Contact Davison County Animal Control

If you do need assistance with a roaming dog that you feel is a safety issue for the neighborhood you should contact Davidson County Animal Control whose contact details can be found here at http://www.nashville.gov/Health-Department/Animal-Control.aspx:

Secured a Dog that has no contact tags?

If you find and secure a dog in Bluefields and cannot locate a contact tag please post this information on the following facebook pages:

Bluefields Neighborhood Watch Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/BluefieldsNHW/

Hip Donelson Group - https://www.facebook.com/groups/hipdonelson/

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