Bluefields NDOT TRAFFIC CALMING MEETING December 7th 2023

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Bluefields Neighborhood Association Summer Picnic


The Bluefields Neighborhood Association will be hosting a Summer Picnic at the home of Kellie and Matt on Saturday JULY 22, 2023 at 4 PM – 8 PM.

BBQ and drinks will be provided. We are asking neighbors to bring their favorite side dishes.  There will also be a casual dessert contest, so now is your chance to show off those baking talents! Yum! There will be inflatables and games. Musicians are encouraged to bring their instruments and play if they'd like.

If you are Bluefield's neighbor and would like to attend please send your RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You can also sign up on our neighborhood facebook page.

Bluefields Neighborhood Assoication Summer Picnic
Hosts - Kellie & Matt
149 Spring Valley Rd, Nashville, TN 37214-2833, United States

The Special Events committee is very excited for this and we look forward to the food and fellowship with all of you! 

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Bluefield's Neighborhood Yard Sale - May 19 thru May 20th, 2023


SAVE THE DATE - More details shortly...

Bluefields Neighborhood Yard Sale - May 19 thru May 20th, 2023

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Dreaming Big for the Heart of Donelson


Forum for Donelson called “Dreaming Big for the Heart of Donelson” hosted by the Nashville Civic Design.  It will still be on April 15th at 10am but will be hosted at Donelson First Baptist and the format of this event to focus on neighborhood assets and opportunities, specifically evaluating community priorities to share with future developers.  A portion of this event will be a neighborhood “walk audit,” however, they will also facilitate a virtual audit for anyone that would prefer to stay behind and evaluate the ½ mile radius from inside.  It’s free to register.  Sign up here.

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Bluefields Neighborhood Yard Sale

Bluefields Neighborhood Yard Sale - May-13 thru May-14-2022

Friday May 13 & Saturday May 14th, 2022 from 8AM to 3PM... View Yard Sale Map - Download Flyer

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Slow Streets program returns to Nashville neighborhoods

Nashville-Traffic-Calming-Expansion-WSMV Nashville-Traffic-Calming-Expansion-WSMV

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – A program designed to make your neighborhood safer called Slow Streets may already be where you live. The latest version started on Monday. The first round of the program happened in the spring. 

You may be seeing signs in your neighborhood. They’re going to be up for the next month to make drivers slow down and stop using neighborhood streets as cut-throughs.  
News4 spoke with Jenn Woods who has called the Glencliff area home for almost four years.

Since the pandemic started, more people are out walking and biking...

Woods noticed her neighborhood is a cut-through for commercial vehicles.

"So, I'm pregnant and we go for walks and there's a ton of people that go on walks every day and we just want to feel safe,” Woods said. 

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Changes to Music City Star schedule proposed by RTA; public meetings scheduled

Music City Star Cutting Friday Night Service Music City Star Cutting Friday Night Service

The potential changes were based on customer feedback and from a Music City Star service survey relative to operational regulations, Regional Transportation Authority of Middle Tennessee spokeswoman Amanda Clelland said.

"We heard from a lot of passengers that they would like for the morning trains to arrive earlier and the afternoon trains to depart later to better accommodate their work schedules," Clelland said.

Three community meetings are scheduled in Donelson, Mt. Juliet and Lebanon that will provide information and gather feedback along with comments being accepted online, by phone and email through Oct. 15.

The RTA staff will present findings from the public comment period on Nov. 14, Clelland said. The effective date of the schedule approved is to be determined, but will be no later than Dec. 31.

Friday night train to stop

The RTA's Friday night round-trip train will be discontinued regardless of any of the schedule options ultimately approved.

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Donelson TOD Meeting On June 25th at Larry Keeton Theatre

Donelson TOD Meeting On June 25th at Larry Keeton Theatre Donelson TOD Meeting On June 25th at Larry Keeton Theatre

The current proposal for the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) District in Donelson has great promise for our area as our community grows and the Music City Star becomes more prevalent. Currently, nowhere in the State of Tennessee, is there a model for developing, designing, and implementing this type of transit overlay.  

In the 110th General Assembly State Senator Steve Dickerson and State Representative Darren Jernigan enacted legislation creating guidelines for local government when creating a TOD overlay. Earlier this year Councilman Jeff Syracuse introduced TOD legislation in the Metro Council.

Councilman Syracuse has worked with multiple city agencies to implement an ideal model using the parameters laid out in the state legislation. This process has been grueling and difficult. Several public hearings have been held. The current plan has already passed two readings at the Metro Council with the third and final reading being heard on Tuesday, July 17th. If passed on the 3rd reading, the final plan will be approved.

Significant questions and concerns remain from those residential and commercial property owners affected by the TOD. These stakeholders would like an opportunity to address the final details before being voted on at the 3rd reading by the Metro Council.

On Monday, June 25th at 6 pm at the Larry Keaton Theatre, there will be a question and answer meeting. The theater is located at Fifty Forward at 108 Donelson Pike. The meeting will be moderated by Representative Jernigan. Senator Dickerson and Councilman Jeff Syracuse will be there to answer questions, offer clarity, and continue to work to make this the best TOD overlay for Donelson and a model for the State of Tennessee. Additionally, Councilman Kevin Rhoten, Steve Glover, and Larry Hagar will be there to address quality of life issues and traffic concerns as it relates to their districts that are also affected by the TOD.

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Senior Assisted Ride Service Launches in Donelson

Senior-Assisted-Ride-Service-Launches-in-Donelson Senior Assisted Ride Service Launches in Donelson

Senior Ride Nashville, a transportation alternative and assisted ride service for seniors. Senior Ride Nashville will be extending its service area to include the Donelson and Hermitage communities in July, and we wanted to share this information with you to pass along to your residents.

Senior Ride Nashville pairs volunteer drivers with local seniors to provide them with transportation to appointments, grocery stores, social gatherings or other activities. In anticipation of the official launch in your area, Senior Ride is hosting an information session at FiftyForward Donelson Station on Monday, June 25, at 10 a.m. The event is free and open to community members interested in learning more or becoming drivers or riders.

Members of your community will greatly benefit from the service, and we hope that you will help us spread the word in an effort to recruit drivers and facilitate rides for Donelson and Hermitage seniors. So far, Senior Ride has provided over 900 trips, and the number is expected to hit 1,000 within the next two weeks.


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What a development in Donelson means for Nashville's $5.4 billion mass-transit overhaul

Developent In Donelson - Nashville Transit

Metro Council will hold its first vote Tuesday night on a proposed transit-oriented development in Donelson slated to help juice ridership for the region's lone commuter rail, the Music City Star.Metro Council will hold its first vote Tuesday night on a proposed transit-oriented development in Donelson slated to help juice ridership for the region'...

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Latest Update on TOD!

Donelson Transit Oriented Development

Latest Update on TOD - Presentation from December 4th, 2017 View Presentation (PDF) Hello Donelson citizens, Thank you for participating in the Donelson Transit-Oriented Redevelopment District process. I have attached the presentation that we shared at the meeting on December 4th. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments. Thanks, Sh...

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What Do You Want In the Transit Oriented Development?

Walkability In Donelson Walkability In Donelson

A recent meeting was held by MDHA (Metro Development & Housing Authority) at The Larry Keeton Theatre to ask "What Do You Want in the Transit Oriented Development?" that is proposed in Downtown Donelson and Donelson Station. A Transit Oriented Development, or TOD, is a type of community development that includes a mixture of housing, office, re...

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Donelson Transit Oriented Development Upcoming Meeting

Donelson TOD Upcoming Meeting Donelson TOD Upcoming Meeting

The proposed Donelson Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Redevelopment District is possible because of a State Bill (Senate Bill 0783 and House Bill 1384) sponsored by State Senator Steve Dickerson and State Representative Darren Jernigan that allows for the expansion of redevelopment districts (managed by the Metropolitan Development Housing Agenc...

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Follow up from Donelson TOD meeting (Oct 24, 2017)

Follow Up On Donelson TOD

This was a follow up e-mail to attendees of the first (of many) Donelson TOD (Transit Oriented Development) meetings. There were approximately 6-8 folks from our Historic Bluefields Neighborhood that attended this first meeting asking alot of good questions. We would encourage neighbors to participate in this process that we believe will have a sig...

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MHDA Exploring Transit-Oriented Redevelopment District in Donelson

MHDA Exploring Transit Oriented Redevelopment District in Donelson MHDA Exploring Transit Oriented Redevelopment District in Donelson

MHDA is exploring the creation of a transit-oriented redevelopment district in Donelson near the existing Music City Start station. We would like to hear resident's thoughts on this new development initiative. 5:30 p.m. Tuesday, October 24FiftyForward Donelson StationLarry Keeton Theatre108 Donelson Pike

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Lebanon Pike / Donelson Pike intersection Closures

Intersection Closure in Donelson

This weekend Nashville Metro Water Services is doing some substantial work on the water project at the Lebanon Pike / Donelson Pike intersection. I know this is not welcome news to anyone, especially Bluefields neighbors whose street is the detour. The closure hours will be as follows: Start: Friday, August 11, 8:00 p.m. End: Monday, August 14. 6:0...

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Longtime Resident Frances Omohundro

Longtime Resident Frances Omohundro

​Frances Nelson Omohundro passed away on May 5, 2016 at the age of 99. She and her husband, the late John M. Omohundro, Jr. had resided at one of the oldest and loveliest homes in Bluefields for nearly 50 years and played active roles in the Bluefields and Donelson communities. Mr. Omohundro's parents, John Sr. "Squire" and Sadie Omohundro, had liv...

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Update from Councilman Syracuse on Donelson Station

Donelson Station Updates From Councilman Syracuse

The Planning Commission agenda came out today for next Thursday 6/22's meeting and staff is recommending Approval with Conditions. One of those conditions that was worked out was the need for a median on Donelson Pk just south of the rail crossing. This would prevent anyone from trying to turn left into the development at the northern ingress/egres...

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Donelson Station Planning Commission - June 22, 2017

Planning Commission -Historic Bluefields

The Donelson Station Preliminary SP (specific plan) for the multi-family development proposal behind the DH Chamber property has been deferred again at the Planning Commission to June 22. That will move the Council public hearing to Aug 1. The Planning Commission agenda for the 6/22 meeting will be published on their website at the link below on th...

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Donelson Station Apartments Rezoning Meeting Rescheduled

 For those planning on attending the Donelson Station Apartments Rezoning Meeting with the Planning Commission at the Howard Office Building today at 4:00 p.m. the meeting has been postponed until Thursday June 8, 2017 at 4:00 p.m. We hope everyone has a Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

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