Historic Bluefields

Local Traffic Only On Bluefield AvenueThe Nashville Slow Streets program is a partnership with Metro Public Works and Walk Bike Nashville.

In October of 2020, Metro Public Works and Walk Bike Nashville coordinated the Slow Streets 2.0. Slow Streets provide a soft-closure of a residential street to provide more space for walking, exercising, biking, and recreational activities. Nashville residents had the opportunity to apply to bring Slow Streets into their neighborhood. Over 100 applications were received and 10 sites were selected based on resident support, accessibility, geographical location, and traffic information.

Bluefield Avenue was selected as one of the 10 sites to implement the Slow Street 2.0 program.

We will be posting additional information when we receive it to keep Bluefield Neighbors that are not on social media up to date! - If you have access to Facebook this is our Neighborhood Group - you will need to ask for permission to join the group (for Bluefield residence only). 

From Councilman Jeff Syracuse - October 9, 2020

Walk Bike Nashville has provided this link to submit feedback on their Safe Streets program

Here is the latest news and posts from our neighborhood organizer Cara Gruszecki Smalley.

October 5th, 2020 - Walk Bike Nashville Hosts Zoom Meeting for residents with questions or concerns.

Walk Bike Nashville, who helped Bluefields by implementing the Local Traffic Only signs at the beginning of our neighborhood, is hosting an Zoom meeting for residents with questions or concerns.
I strongly encourage anyone with a question or concern to reach out to Brenda to have their voices heard. 
From Brenda Perez: I am hosting zoom open hours Thursday, October 8th, and on October 17th from 6-7 pm to help answer questions, troubleshoot, etc. Stop by let me know what you think. Link here: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88688472197

October 1st, 2020 - Awesome news! - Posted by Bluefield Neighbor Cara Gruszecki Smalley

Out of over 100 applications, we have been selected as a Safe Neighborhood! This is though the Nashville Walk Bike Initiative. Starting Monday there will be semi-closures at Spring Valley Road/Bluefields Avenue and Bluefields Avenue/Donelson Pike to discourage non-local traffic.

Tomorrow, I will be meeting with a representative from Nashville Walk/Bike after 3pm to get more information and yard signs. If you are interested in joining, please let me know. If you want a yard sign, please contact Cara!

September 24, 2020 - Posted by Bluefield Neighbor Cara Gruszecki Smalley

What are your thoughts on applying for our neighborhood?

Applications are now being taken to apply for the Slow Streets Program for the Fall. Slow Streets is a program that temporarily closes neighborhood streets to through traffic, to make those streets quieter and safer for the residents, and those walking/bicycling there. Deliveries, on-street parking, local traffic will all be un-impacted.  
Metro Public Works will be placing barricades on the streets, and we will be providing supporting signage and communication to residents. It is expected that this program will run throughout October.

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