Historic Bluefields

Tornadic Winds Damage Several

Varying degrees of damage, headed by the loss of a building due to fire, were caused in the eastern section of Davidson County late Monday afternoon by high winds which reached a velocity of 85 miles per hour.

The building lost by fire was an establishment known as the "Dogpatch Inn," located about 2 miles from Donelson on Stewart's Ferry Pike near the Stone River bridge. Mrs. Emma Crain, owner, said spectators told her of the high wind blowing electric wires into a shorting position on the outside of the building. The building was a complete loss, the value of which has not been estimated by Mrs. Crain.

Fred Loses Again

Included in the loss was a stock of groceries, valued at $1000, which belonged to the Jaynes and Gleaves Grocery. The merchandise had been stored there since Fred Jaynes closed his market about a month ago and began a "telephone shopping" grocery.

The Nashville Electric Service and Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph Companies had their hands full repairing damage caused by the storm. Telephone service was interrupted principally in isolated points but virtually all points along Murfreesboro Road out from the Nashville City limits suffered from a loss in electric power. Except for an emergency radio transmitter and some landing lights, Berry Field was in darkness for several hours as were other points in the area. Power was also off on Lebanon Road beyond Donelson for several hours.

Uproots Big Tree

The force of the wind was apparently stronger in some points than in others. A bus shelter near the entrance to Berry Field was blown across the road and a large tree was uprooted on the west side of the City Cafe, narrowly missing that structure in its fall.

Roofing companies reported manyu trouble calls due to shingles being blown off. Shutters and screens, particularly in the Hargis Heights subdivision, were blown from some homes. Lawn furniture was blown over and some broken at many residences.

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