Historic Bluefields

Truman Listens to Yelton's Sermon

People in and around Mt. Juliet are talking this week of an article in a recent TIME magazine which stated President Truman, while on his vacation at Key West, attended the Baptist Church there and enjoyed a sermon by the pastor, Rev. J. C. Yelton.

Rev. Yelton is well remembered here, having been raised at Mr. Juliet. He is the son of Mrs. Virgie Yelton, who lives at Mt. Juliet. His brother, Clarence, is the well-known auctioneer there and a sister, Mrs. Elmer Curd, also lives there. Rev. Yelton, or Charles, as everyone calls him, has preached all over Wilson County. Completing his ministerial course he studied singing and is reported to have a fine baritone voice.

TIME further called attention to the fact that Rev. Yelton gave the offertory solo himself. The church had not expected so distinguished a visitor, but the services were handled smoothly and the sermon, appropriately, was on 'Peace.'

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