Historic Bluefields

Green Hills Farmer Will Erect Stores


Construction of a two-story building in the Geen Hills section of Lebanon Road is expected to start sometime during May, according to Erwin Bell, well known farmer of that section. Estimated cost of the construction has been placed at $35,000.

The building will be located just east of the present Green Hill Esso Service Station, and include a 72 foot frontage on the highway while extending 30 feet deep. The first floor will be divided into 5 stores with the following businesses planned:  a grocery, barber shop, drug store, lunch room and miscellaneous appliance store. The second floor of the building will be divided into 4 comfortable apartments.

Overall construction will be of concrete block with a veneer front, to enhance the beauty of the building, possibly being added. The building will set back some 25 feet from the highway right-of-way, allowing double parking in the front. The building will be constructed of as near fireproof materials as can be obtained....

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