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What Do You Want In the Transit Oriented Development?

Walkability In Donelson Walkability In Donelson

A recent meeting was held by MDHA (Metro Development & Housing Authority) at The Larry Keeton Theatre to ask "What Do You Want in the Transit Oriented Development?" that is proposed in Downtown Donelson and Donelson Station.

A Transit Oriented Development, or TOD, is a type of community development that includes a mixture of housing, office, retail and/or other amenities integrated into a walkable neighborhood and located within a half-mile of quality public transportation.

Currently we believe there are several mixed-use buildings (4-5 stories or potentially higher) proposed to be built around Donelson Station as part of this development, which will include a "Nashville Next" transit aim of increasing train frequency to run to and from downtown every forty minutes.

Several Historic Bluefield's residents were on hand and formed a table to collate their ideas which they then presented to all attendees and officials at the end of the meeting. Here are some of those ideas presented:

  • A green / engineered buffer wall between residents on Bluefield Ave and the railway line
  • Walkable access to Donelson Station from Bluefield via the reengineered bridge
  • A Silent Zone Implementation with train frequency increasing
  • Proper lane expansion on Lebanon road for proper traffic flow (not cutting thru Bluefields)
  • Traffic control in and around development with focus on walkable community
  • Police station within TOD to provide safety and security as population density increases
  • Proper lights around Donelson Station and mixed- use buildings (not stadium lighting)
  • Blue light security phones & monitoring security cameras
  • Formation of a Transit Authority to provide transit direction with MDHA
  • Proper garbage receptacles in new mixed use buildings
  • Multiple Green space(s) & Greenways within TOD enhancing community usage & walkability
  • Esthetically pleasing buildings with height restrictions, well landscaped & gas lantern lighting
  • Proper entrance /egress planned in accordance with TDOT
  • Locally owned shops and restaurants
  • Safe walkable community with proper bike and pedestrian lanes and crossings
  • Multiple bike rack locations & bike share fixture
  • No low income housing & no high rises
  • No fast food that attract more automobiles to the area (and create throw away trash)
  • No check cashing, no used car lots or pawn shops and no billboards.

The Donelson Transit Oriented Development can be a tremendous asset for our community but may also have significant impact on the quality of life of neighbors connected to this district. We encourage all neighbors in Bluefields (in particular Bluefield Avenue Residence) to get informed and get involved in this process so we can ensure that the TOD becomes a positive enhancement to those living in Historic Bluefields as well as a tremendous asset to the citizens of Donelson! 

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