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Slow Streets program returns to Nashville neighborhoods

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NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) – A program designed to make your neighborhood safer called Slow Streets may already be where you live. The latest version started on Monday. The first round of the program happened in the spring. 

You may be seeing signs in your neighborhood. They’re going to be up for the next month to make drivers slow down and stop using neighborhood streets as cut-throughs.  
News4 spoke with Jenn Woods who has called the Glencliff area home for almost four years.

Since the pandemic started, more people are out walking and biking...

Woods noticed her neighborhood is a cut-through for commercial vehicles.

"So, I'm pregnant and we go for walks and there's a ton of people that go on walks every day and we just want to feel safe,” Woods said. 

Woods applied for the Slow Streets program. It’s a joint effort from Metro Public Works and Walk Bike Nashville...

"Money is short right now so we have to be creative,” Nora Kern of Walk Bike Nashville said.

Kern said the program doesn’t cost much.

It’s about $100 per neighborhood for the signage.

"We know that speeding is a huge issue across the entire city. There's a huge demand for traffic calming and other kinds of ways to slow cars down,” Kern said.

Ten neighborhoods including where Woods lives got picked out of more than 100 applications.

Carrington Place and Queens Lane
Chapel and Sharpe Avenue
Bluefield Avenue
Greymont Drive
Wingate Drive
11th Ave North
Aberdeen Road
North Crieve Hall
Luann Dr & Roundwood Forest Dr
Flintlock Ct

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