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Historic Bluefields Moves Forward in 2013

The Bluefields Homeowners Association Annual General Meeting was held on Monday, November 18th at Fifty Forward.  A small but enthusiastic group was given a full year in review by President Tammy Hobbs and various board members.

President Tammy Hobbs reviewed a great  2013 in which the board worked very well together. Tammy emphasized that what had started as a slow start to the year had become one of the most productive years in Bluefields' history. New and old residents worked together in key areas such as common area management, social events, and key interest area projects while, the board displayed great teamwork.  

Becky Hansmann was recognized by Tammy for her devoted work in maintaining and mowing the common areas throughout the year. Vicki Beare was also recognized for her great work in designing and developing the new website.

Treasurer Glenda Reagan reviewed the organization's finances for 2013 and confirmed that we currently have 75 dues-paying members. (Let’s get more in 2014!).  Membership dues have contributed in part to financing annual social events and to the management and upkeep of common areas throughout Bluefields.

Webmaster Peter Beare identified a good increase in traffic on the website since its launch in September, with over 500 unique visitors to the website in November, and with pages viewed totalling over 3000. There was a high interest in adding more historic information and photos to the site. People are encouraged to register on the website and provide calendar events, photos and also receive occasional e-new broadcasts.

The Annual Picnic and the Low Country Boil were both well-attended, and both days had lovely weather which helped with good neighborhood attendance at both events. Ginny Russell was recognized for her great efforts in making both events a great success! Becky Hansmann and John and Mary Doak are also thanked for being such gracious hosts of these events.

Neighborhood Projects were highlighted in several presentations:

Common Areas At Bluefields:

One of the most attractive and charming characteristics of Bluefields is the common areas found throughout the neighborhood. Common areas are spaces (usually at street corners / intersections) that currently have small gardens and are generally maintained by volunteers (many who are board members)... Read more

Spring Valley Bluefield Entrance Wall Repair:

Spring Valley Bluefield Entrance wall was damaged in a storm early in 2013. (A telephone pole fell on the wall breaking around 5 stones on the top left side of the wall)... Read more

Railway Line - Back Of Bluefield Avenue Maintenance:

On request of a Bluefield Avenue resident, contact was made with North Eastern Railway Line in August to request maintenance of the railway line along Donelson Station (which is connected to houses on Bluefield Avenue that back up to the railway line). The long-standing resident had also clarified that North Eastern Railway had been maintaining this area until 2011 when, for unknown reasons, the maintenance stopped... Read more

2014 Board Elected:

At the completion of the Annual General Meeting, the 2014 Board of Directors was elected. We have two positions on the board open at the completion of the meeting (with several attendees interested in filling those positions). Outgoing Board Members Becky Hansmann and Joe Siejakowski were thanked for their efforts in serving their neighborhood.

Tammy Hobbs – President
Peter Beare - Vice President
Maggie Sidelinger – Secretary
Glenda White – Treasurer
Carla Cannon
Ginny Russell
John Doak
Megan Deardorff
Open Position
Open Position

Webmaster - Vicki Beare

The first board meeting of 2014 will be held on Tuesday February 25th at 'Fifty Forward' at 6:30 p.m. and will be focused on planning out 2014.

Please consider getting involved with Historic Blufields in 2014. As noted in the Annual General Meeting, Bluefields turns 85 this year and is within 15 years of being a 100-year-old neighborhood! Now is the perfect time to get involved and help your neighborhood become even more special as we start to head tow

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