Historic Bluefields

Donelson Student

Heard In The Halls

The seniors are very busy these days working on the annual. They have recently had the pictures of the members of the annual staff taken, and they haven't let the beautiful snow scenes disappear without some snapshots for the yearbook, which in future years will be one of their most prized possessions. There are three or four seniors who walk around through the halls with a little book and a pencil in their hands, and by now everyone recognizes the little books to be receipt books. If you have or if you haven't bought an annual, one of these boys may approach you with the question, "Have you bought your annual?"

Estelle Bee is doing nicely following her operation, and who wouldn't improve after receiving those lovely flowers from a handsome admirer in the freshman class?

Bad weather didn't keep the basketball fans from the tournament last week. Donelson was well represented among the crowds that attended the tournament.

There were dates galore during this past week. Most of the girls have had two or three, and we hear that there were not enough days in the week for two of the girls, as there were more than 7 boys who asked for dates last week. We can't list them all. Must be wonderful to be so popular! Now that basketball season is over, we are wondering if the basketball girls are glad that they will not have to observe the rule of basketball sason,, "Only one date a week!" Bet they make up for lost time!

Future Homemakers Club

Last Friday, in observance of Better Breakfast Week, the Future Homemakers Club gave an assembly program on the importance of nourishing breakfasts. The girls taking part emphasized the fact that breakfasts should be attractive as well as wholesome. This was demonstrated by posters and an attractively set table.

Sketches of the Seniors


Pretty Helen Childress, who is still undecided about her future vocation, has only three more months to choose one, if she plans to begin her training as soon as she graduates from high school. Her cheerful disposition will be an asset in either of the vocations that she is considering. She is trying to choose between being a switchboard operator and rural teacher....

Her hobbies are reading, listening to the radio, talking and singing. She also added, "Squirming out of as much work as I can." Statements made by Helen's teachers do not confirm this last statement, for her grades have always been much higher than just passing....

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