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Weather Is Subject for Lots of Talk


Donelson residents who believe in the old saying:  "If March comes in like a lion it'll go out like a lamb" will probably hear a loud roaring come Saturday for the U. S. Government Weather Bureau forecast indicates more cold and snow for the weekend with relief only a possibility.

Some warming is indicated in the forecast but the extent is doubtful. Cloudy weather is forecast with considerable precipitation indicated. The precipitation may be rain if the temperature rises sufficiently but will probably be more snow.

Over 9 Inches of Snow

While the temperature hasn't been lower than 18 degrees, and the sun shone brightly yesterday, the community has suffered its most prolonged cold spell of the year as over nine inches of snow blanket the area and generally slowed operations.

The 3-inch snow of the 19th and 20th had barely thawed Saturday night when a 6-inch fall came, apparently, to stay. The snow began about 9 p.m. saturday and continued into Sunday. The heavy fall on Saturday night disrupted traffic and many people who attended the basketball games at Isaac Litton found trouble reaching home. Some people, in fact, elected to stay with friends rather than drive home. Wilson County schools were closed due to the snow.

No serious accidents have been reported but several cars skidded into ditches or into other autos on the slippery roads. Some airline flights were cancelled.

Ice Doesn't That

Sub-freezing weather during the first part of the week prevented the snow and ice from thawing and children received their first good chance of the year to skate and scamper in the snow.

Meanwhile, March's arrival will probably herald the most changeable weather of the year with "the lamb" promise yet to be fulfilled.

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