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Update from Councilman Syracuse on Donelson Station

Donelson Station Updates From Councilman Syracuse

The Planning Commission agenda came out today for next Thursday 6/22's meeting and staff is recommending Approval with Conditions. One of those conditions that was worked out was the need for a median on Donelson Pk just south of the rail crossing. This would prevent anyone from trying to turn left into the development at the northern ingress/egress. That will be a right turn out / right turn in only.

I'm not able to make the June 22 PC meeting. I've have a family wedding out of town on the calendar that I can't miss. I'm writing a letter in support of the development. No development is perfect, but I'm confident the positive far outweighs the negative here.

I know one of the main concerns from Bluefields neighbors is the traffic coming through Bluefield Avenue. You all border the rail line and are tucked in between Lebanon Pike and Donelson Pike. There will be more density coming around you and this won't be the first or last multi-family development proposal we will be seeing. Between The Donelson Plaza and RTA property across the tracks from you, more development proposals are coming as part of the Downtown Donelson plan. As development occurs, I pledge to do everything I can to support your neighborhood with improved Traffic Calming efforts, PD support and push for Public Works to use more tools like rumble strips or whatever else we can do that you all would want to strictly enforce speed limit and traffic control. A sidewalk project was added to the Capital Improvement Budget (wish list of projects) along Bluefield Avenue as part of the update to the Sidewalk & Bikeway Master Plan. It would require funding still, but that is another project that once funding is secured, we'll have a community meeting and discuss in more detail. I believe having a sidewalk along Bluefield Ave would be a good investment that will help slow down traffic and make it safer. I can work on securing funding in subsequent budgets.

Here is a link to the PC Agenda for next week. You'll note it says Approved with Conditions if agency review is done, otherwise defer. I'm told by the Planning Department that the agency to finalize their review is Public Works and it should come in early next week and be ready for the 6/22 meeting.

Councilman Syracuse can be contact at his website - www.JeffSyracuse.com 

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