Donelson TOD Meeting On June 25th at Larry Keeton Theatre

Donelson TOD Meeting On June 25th at Larry Keeton Theatre Donelson TOD Meeting On June 25th at Larry Keeton Theatre

The current proposal for the Transit Oriented Development (TOD) District in Donelson has great promise for our area as our community grows and the Music City Star becomes more prevalent. Currently, nowhere in the State of Tennessee, is there a model for developing, designing, and implementing this type of transit overlay.  

In the 110th General Assembly State Senator Steve Dickerson and State Representative Darren Jernigan enacted legislation creating guidelines for local government when creating a TOD overlay. Earlier this year Councilman Jeff Syracuse introduced TOD legislation in the Metro Council.

Councilman Syracuse has worked with multiple city agencies to implement an ideal model using the parameters laid out in the state legislation. This process has been grueling and difficult. Several public hearings have been held. The current plan has already passed two readings at the Metro Council with the third and final reading being heard on Tuesday, July 17th. If passed on the 3rd reading, the final plan will be approved.

Significant questions and concerns remain from those residential and commercial property owners affected by the TOD. These stakeholders would like an opportunity to address the final details before being voted on at the 3rd reading by the Metro Council.

On Monday, June 25th at 6 pm at the Larry Keaton Theatre, there will be a question and answer meeting. The theater is located at Fifty Forward at 108 Donelson Pike. The meeting will be moderated by Representative Jernigan. Senator Dickerson and Councilman Jeff Syracuse will be there to answer questions, offer clarity, and continue to work to make this the best TOD overlay for Donelson and a model for the State of Tennessee. Additionally, Councilman Kevin Rhoten, Steve Glover, and Larry Hagar will be there to address quality of life issues and traffic concerns as it relates to their districts that are also affected by the TOD.

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