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Sidewalk Projects Come To Donelson Village

Hi guys I attended a great meeting hosted by Councilman Jeff Syracuse Metro Council District 15 tonight. The first steps in making Donelson Village walkable. Project managers and engineers were on hand to explain their projects. We are looking at a sidewalk with grass strip running along Lebanon Road from Graylynn to Bluefields and coming just into Bluefields Avenue. This is slated for this summer so very soon you will be able to walk safely out of our neighborhood to several fast food restaurants and also onto Holy Rosary and even business further down with a proper crossing at Graylynn to allow you to cross Lebanon Road and head into Donelson Village (or onto other restaurants and shops)....

Second exciting project is a sidewalk out of Donelson Station across Lebanon Road into Donelson Plaza (upto Old Lebanon Road). Currently this is not a great walking route once you cross the road so this project will allow folks coming by train or from Bluefields/surrounds to safely walk towards the farmers market, McNamara's, Phat Bites and Homegrown Taproom (and lots of other business). Also allows a safer route to Donelson Station for folks that live behind or near Donelson Plaza. This sidewalk will also have a grass strip and gutter between sidewalk and road.

I am excited! These projects will pave the way to more obvious connecting projects for the future so it is definitely time to start Walking the Walk!

Interested in Walkability in Bluefields and Surrounds? - visit our Walk Bluefields Facebook Page...


Peter Beare

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