Historic Bluefields

Buttercup Brings Boarders Back

Buttercup returned to her old home at the Paul Hargis residence the past week after a six month absence that included a tour of East Nashville, Lebanon Road and other points in the vicinity. Buttercup, in case you didn't know, is just a dog, but one that found a warm place in the heart of Paul and Frances Hargis.

Some six months ago they thought the dog a nuisance, so they farmed her out in East Nashville, then, they missed the cute little dog, so they started looking, but to no avail. Last week, nearing Paul Shelton's, Mr. Hargis saw a black spot hurry across the road followed by three smaller spots, and upon stopping, it was Buttercup escorting her newly acquired offsprings.

Paul left two pups with students at the nearby school, and brought Buttercup and the remaining pup home again to a warm basement and a soft rug and all is serene once more in the Hargis home.

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