Historic Bluefields

Bluefields is the oldest neighborhood in Donelson. It was founded in 1929. It is composed of the following streets: Bluefield Avenue, Bluefield Square, Cumberland Circle, Habersham, Overhill, Spring Valley Lane, and Spring Valley Road. In 2016 Bluefields was placed on the National and Tennessee Register of Historic Places!

What a development in Donelson means for Nashville's $5.4 billion mass-transit overhaul


Metro Council will hold its first vote Tuesday night on a proposed transit-oriented development in Donelson slated to help juice ridership for the region's lone commuter rail, the Music City Star.Metro Council will hold its first vote Tuesday night on a proposed transit-oriented development in Donelson slated to help juice ridership for the region's lone commuter rail, the Music City Star.

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Latest Update on TOD!


Latest Update on TOD - Presentation from December 4th, 2017

View Presentation (PDF)

Hello Donelson citizens,

Thank you for participating in the Donelson Transit-Oriented Redevelopment District process. I have attached the presentation that we shared at the meeting on December 4th. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.



Shara D. Taylor

Urban Development Specialist

Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency

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Donelson Transit Oriented Development District - Next Meeting!


Upcoming Meeting(s) invitation from Councilman Syracuse:

The proposed Donelson Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Redevelopment District is possible because of a State Bill (Senate Bill 0783 and House Bill 1384) sponsored by State Senator Steve Dickerson and State Representative Darren Jernigan that allows for the expansion of redevelopment districts (managed by the Metropolitan Development Housing Agency) to include “transit centers”.  This would establish a 30-year period to utilize Tax Increment Financing (TIF) to support realizing the vision of the Downtown Donelson Urban Design Overlay that was put in place in 2009.

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What Do You Want In the Transit Oriented Development?

Historic Bluefields & Donelons Station - Green Engineering Discussions & Solutions

A recent meeting was held by MDHA (Metro Development & Housing Authority) at The Larry Keeton Theatre to ask “What Do You Want in the Transit Oriented Development?” that is proposed in Downtown Donelson and Donelson Station.

A Transit Oriented Development, or TOD, is a type of community development that includes a mixture of housing, office, retail and/or other amenities integrated into a walkable neighborhood and located within a half-mile of quality public transportation.  

Currently we believe there are several mixed-use buildings (4-5 stories or potentially higher) proposed to be built around Donelson Station as part of this development, which will include a "Nashville Next" transit aim of increasing train frequency to run to and from downtown every forty minutes.

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Donelson Transit Oriented Development Upcoming Meeting


The proposed Donelson Transit Oriented Development (TOD) Redevelopment District is possible because of a State Bill (Senate Bill 0783 and House Bill 1384) sponsored by State Senator Steve Dickerson and State Representative Darren Jernigan that allows for the expansion of redevelopment districts (managed by the Metropolitan Development Housing Agency) to include “transit centers”.  This would establish a 30-year period to utilize Tax Increment Financing (TIF) to support realizing the vision of the Downtown Donelson Urban Design Overlay that was put in place in 2009.
Over the next couple of months, we’ll be having meetings to review proposals, give input and start the legislative process with public hearings that would implement this redevelopment district.  Our next meeting will be on Monday, November 13th at 5:30pm at FiftyForward Donelson Station in The Larry Keeton Theater.

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Follow up from Donelson TOD meeting (Oct 24, 2017)


This was a follow up e-mail to attendees of the first (of many) Donelson TOD (Transit Oriented Development) meetings. There were approximately 6-8 folks from our Historic Bluefields Neighborhood that attended this first meeting asking alot of good questions. We would encourage neighbors to participate in this process that we believe will have a significant impact in the Downtown Donelson Area as well as our Neighborhood!

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MHDA Exploring Transit-Oriented Redevelopment District in Donelson

MHDA is exploring the creation of a transit-oriented redevelopment district in Donelson near the existing Music City Start station. We would like to hear resident's thoughts on this new development initiative.

5:30 p.m. Tuesday, October 24
FiftyForward Donelson Station
Larry Keeton Theatre
108 Donelson Pike

Transit Oriented Development - Donelson Station

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Lebanon Pike / Donelson Pike intersection Closures


This weekend Nashville Metro Water Services is doing some substantial work on the water project at the Lebanon Pike / Donelson Pike intersection. I know this is not welcome news to anyone, especially Bluefields neighbors whose street is the detour. 

The closure hours will be as follows: 
Start: Friday, August 11, 8:00 p.m. 
End: Monday, August 14. 6:00 a.m.

Crews will be working continuously throughout the weekend. 

Attached is a sketch of the traffic control plan as well as the traffic control plan, which shows the closure area, detours, traffic control officer locations, and message boards locations. Lebanon Pike will be down to two lanes - one for east bound traffic and one for westbound traffic.
As indicated on the sketch, Donelson Pike will be closed just north of the intersection of Bluefield Avenue.

Lebanon Pike Traffic Control Diagram

However, local traffic will have access with the assistance of a traffic control officer. 

In addition to the message boards, Metro Water will be calling on the businesses in the area to let them know about the closure.
Please be kind and patient with each other. If possible, avoid the area at all costs.

Best Regards,


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Update from Councilman Syracuse on Donelson Station


The Planning Commission agenda came out today for next Thursday 6/22's meeting and staff is recommending Approval with Conditions. One of those conditions that was worked out was the need for a median on Donelson Pk just south of the rail crossing. This would prevent anyone from trying to turn left into the development at the northern ingress/egress. That will be a right turn out / right turn in only.

I'm not able to make the June 22 PC meeting. I've have a family wedding out of town on the calendar that I can't miss. I'm writing a letter in support of the development. No development is perfect, but I'm confident the positive far outweighs the negative here.

I know one of the main concerns from Bluefields neighbors is the traffic coming through Bluefield Avenue. You all border the rail line and are tucked in between Lebanon Pike and Donelson Pike. There will be more density coming around you and this won't be the first or last multi-family development proposal we will be seeing. Between The Donelson Plaza and RTA property across the tracks from you, more development proposals are coming as part of the Downtown Donelson plan. As development occurs, I pledge to do everything I can to support your neighborhood with improved Traffic Calming efforts, PD support and push for Public Works to use more tools like rumble strips or whatever else we can do that you all would want to strictly enforce speed limit and traffic control. A sidewalk project was added to the Capital Improvement Budget (wish list of projects) along Bluefield Avenue as part of the update to the Sidewalk & Bikeway Master Plan. It would require funding still, but that is another project that once funding is secured, we'll have a community meeting and discuss in more detail. I believe having a sidewalk along Bluefield Ave would be a good investment that will help slow down traffic and make it safer. I can work on securing funding in subsequent budgets.

Here is a link to the PC Agenda for next week. You'll note it says Approved with Conditions if agency review is done, otherwise defer. I'm told by the Planning Department that the agency to finalize their review is Public Works and it should come in early next week and be ready for the 6/22 meeting.

Councilman Syracuse can be contact at his website - www.JeffSyracuse.com

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Donelson Station Planning Commission - June 22, 2017


The Donelson Station Preliminary SP (specific plan) for the multi-family development proposal behind the DH Chamber property has been deferred again at the Planning Commission to June 22. That will move the Council public hearing to Aug 1.

The Planning Commission agenda for the 6/22 meeting will be published on their website at the link below on the Friday prior (6/16). The PC meeting starts at 4pm but you can view the agenda online first.

Here are some key documents related to this upcoming Metro Planning Meeting:

Donelson Station Preliminary Specific Plan - View
Traffic Impact Study for Donelson Station - View
(Partial copy of the study).

Learn more about Metro Planning Commission


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Donelson Station Apartments Rezoning Meeting Rescheduled

For those planning on attending the Donelson Station Apartments Rezoning Meeting with the Planning Commission at the Howard Office Building today at 4:00 p.m. the meeting has been postponed until Thursday June 8, 2017 at 4:00 p.m.

We hope everyone has a Happy Memorial Day Weekend!



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It's Official – Bluefields is now an Historic District!

It's Official – Bluefields is now an Historic District!

This weekend most Bluefields neighbors would have received a letter from the Tennessee Historical Commission verifying that their property has been placed on the National and Tennessee Registers of Historic Places by the National Park Services of the United States Departments of the Interior on March 22, 2016.

What an unbelievable honor and privilege for our neighborhood to receive this designation.

The development of the Bluefields subdivision began in 1929 by the Bransford Realty Company of Nashville, Tennessee. Home construction began in the early 1930's, with fifty to sixty homes built by the Bransford Realty Company by the end of 1938. Stanford Realty company took over the building of homes in Bluefields in 1938, which began the diversity of styles that can be see today throughout the neighborhood . These homes were built thru the 1940’s up to 1950. And proudly these are the homes that have now been recognized by this designation.

What is most inspiring to me about this designation is the circumstance in which it came to be. In 2014 Bluefields faced an horrific challenge when AT&T planned to install a 120 foot cell tower next to residents properties at the Donelson Pike entrance (along the railway line side). It was presented to the residents as a “done deal” with nothing that could be done to stop it. I have no doubt that had it proceeded it would have changed our neighborhood forever…. And in an ironic way that is exactly what it did.

Kara Siejakowski working with her husband Joe provided leadership for the “No Cell Tower In Historic Bluefields” campaign which bought many neighbors together as we all worked together to stop the cell tower from being built. In researching many laws and legalities it was established that Bluefields was eligible to be listed as an historic neighborhood and that designation by itself gave us a critical argument as to the value of our neighborhood and the potential and irreversible damage this cell tower would bring. With the cell tower being proposed on railway land this historic designation also gave us some form of a federal argument in terms of protection.

Tennessee Historical Commission were contacted by Kara and they quickly came by to review our neighborhood. They clarified in writing in May of 2014 that our neighborhood was indeed eligible for National Register which became a very valuable document from that point on in our negotiations. And as we all know now in early June of 2014 we gathered as a neighborhood to announce and celebrate that the cell tower had been defeated!

Joe Announces That The Cell Tower Had Been Defeated

Going forward almost two years and the neighborhood completed all administrative requirements for our application and ultimately we received final approval this March. (We were also very fortunate to receive a grant to pay for the documentation of our neighborhood which I believe exceeded ten thousand dollars.)

SO what started off as a desperate move to save our neighborhood has blossomed into this incredible honor and recognition. You simply can’t write a better story about a neighborhood with its back against the wall and neighbors coming together to not only save their neighborhood but ultimately facilitate a designation of this magnitude. From something very bad came something very good!

I would like to recognize Kara for her tremendous work and energy on this designation. Kara also organized the Historic Preservation Committee that promoted and educated the neighborhood including hosting several information sessions with Tennessee Historic Commission that were held at Fifty Forward. Thanks to Vicki Beare who also worked with Kara and continues to work on neighborhood history today and hats off to neighbor Nancy Donavan who had advocated historic preservation within our neighborhood for many years. A big thank you to Councilman Syracuse for supporting our application as well as the continued support and leadership he provides to Bluefields and to Donelson!

Historic Preservation Information Session at Fifty Forward

I am ordering my families plaque today and it will be proudly placed on our homes front entrance. I am sure I will have many stories to tell friends and family in the future about this special designation and how it transpired. And hopefully 50-100 years from now our story will live on and be shared by future generations living here in Nashville’s newest historic neighborhood called Bluefields!

Congratulations to all our neighbors – below are details and copies of the letter you should have received including information about Tax Credits for rehabilitation. I would encourage you to order your plaque as soon as you can.

If you felt you should have received a letter but did not please --contact Claudette.Stager@tn.gov or call (615) 770-1089.

Bluefields Historic District - Notification Letter
Results Of Listings In National and Tennessee Register - Tax Information
Order Your Plaque Today - Order Application

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Sidewalk Projects Come To Donelson Village

Sidewalk Projects Come To Donelson Village

Hi guys I attended a great meeting hosted by Councilman Jeff Syracuse Metro Council District 15 tonight. The first steps in making Donelson Village walkable. Project managers and engineers were on hand to explain their projects. We are looking at a sidewalk with grass strip running along Lebanon Road from Graylynn to Bluefields and coming just into Bluefields Avenue. This is slated for this summer so very soon you will be able to walk safely out of our neighborhood to several fast food restaurants and also onto Holy Rosary and even business further down with a proper crossing at Graylynn to allow you to cross Lebanon Road and head into Donelson Village (or onto other restaurants and shops)....

Second exciting project is a sidewalk out of Donelson Station across Lebanon Road into Donelson Plaza (upto Old Lebanon Road). Currently this is not a great walking route once you cross the road so this project will allow folks coming by train or from Bluefields/surrounds to safely walk towards the farmers market, McNamara's, Phat Bites and Homegrown Taproom (and lots of other business). Also allows a safer route to Donelson Station for folks that live behind or near Donelson Plaza. This sidewalk will also have a grass strip and gutter between sidewalk and road.

I am excited! These projects will pave the way to more obvious connecting projects for the future so it is definitely time to start Walking the Walk!

Interested in Walkability in Bluefields and Surrounds? - visit our Walk Bluefields Facebook Page...



Peter Beare

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Downtown Donelson Sidewalks Community Meeting

Downtown Donelson Sidewalks Community Meeting

A community meeting hosted by Jeff Syracuse Metro Council, District 15 will be held on Tuesday, April 26 at 6:30 p.m.

Three sidewalk projects are coming to the heart of Donelson! A community meeting already took place last Fall about the project that will connect Stanford Montessori to the Donelson Library. This meeting will primarily be about two projects. One will be on Lebanon Pike from Bluefield Avenue to Graylynn Drive. The other will be on JB Estille Drive from Lebanon Pike to Old Lebanon Pike. Please come learn more about these projects and give your input! Metro Public Works and the project consultants will be present to give us more information and receive feedback from the community.

Many thanks to Donelson Church of Christ for hosting this community meeting. It will be held in the chapel. Address is 2706 Old Lebanon Rd, Nashville, TN 3721

Be sure to visit the new website for the Strategic Plan for Sidewalks and Bikeways update that's underway. Get involved and provide feedback at http://nashvillewalknbike.com/.

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Planning for Sidewalks and Bikeways in Nashville

Planning for Sidewalks and Bikeways in Nashville

Metro Public Works is beginning its outreach for the 2016 Strategic Plan for Sidewalks and Bikeways Update, known as WalknBike, and we want your feedback!

walk bike nashvilleThe kickoff meeting will be on Friday, April 15 from noon to p.m. at Nashville Public Library, 615 Church St. Representatives from Metro Public Works and the consultant team will provide an overview of the yearlong project. This will also allow Nashvillians the chance to comment on your experience with sidewalks and bikeways and what you want to see in the future.

You can offer your feedback for the upcoming plan by taking the first community survey, which should take only a couple of minutes. Additionally, you can add your comments to this interactive map. The map allows you to pin point exactly where sidewalk and bikeway improvements need to be made.

Your voices and participation are the key to Nashville having a world-class network of sidewalks and bikeways. 

For more information, please be sure to visit the WalknBike website.

Kind regards,

Megan Berry Nashville Mayor


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Bluefield's Sign Post Replaced

Bluefield's Sign Post Replaced

Bluefield neighbors Ray Mosley & Jeff Pratt teamed up recently to replace the damaged sign post at the Bluefields/Spring Valley Road entrance area. A truck with a trailer that wasn't very secure hit the post last Sunday morning breaking the post at base (beyond repair) and also taking out the flower basket (still missing at this stage).  Unfortunately we did not get the tags but it does highlight the ongoing problem of speed coming off Lebanon Road. 

As you can see by the attached photo Ray and Jeff a great job and in a very quick manner. I can say as a neighbor I certainly appreciate the speed in which this was tackled and fixed. The cost to replacing the post was estimated around $150.00 not counting the labor and time of Ray and Jeff. 

If you would like you would like to contribute to the cost involved in this repair please click here and fill out our donation form (and you will then be directed to Paypal to make the donation).


Any additional donations we receive over $150.00 will be used for some new plants in that area (to match the two other triangles along Bluefield Avenue which are both looking superb this summer...)

Thanks again to Ray and Jeff for their fine work!

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American Legion Auxiliary Post 88 War Memorial and Grounds upgrade in Donelson Village

American Legion Auxiliary Post 88  War Memorial and Grounds upgrade in Donelson Village

We have all driven by the War Memorial on Lebanon Road (opposite Bluefields Entrance). It not only represents the memory of those who have died or were injured fighting for their country but it is also a welcoming entrance area to Donelson Village.

So it is exciting to be able to share an update of the following improvements and upgrade to the War Memorial (with efforts being led Brian McClanahan of the American Legion Post 88 and the Donelson Girls Scout Troop 391/1421.) By all accounts this is also great step forward in the revitalization of Donelson Village.

Here is a summary of what you will be seeing happening in the upcoming months.  

Improvements to the American Legion Auxiliary Post 88 War Memorial and Grounds

We are currently working with Home Depot in Hermitage to place a bid with their corporate office to donate much of the supplies and labor needed for this project. Our post has been blessed to have been awarded grants from the Home Depot Corporation in the past and look forward to continued association with them.

American Legion Post 88 War Memorial Revitalization

1. New POW/MIA & 4 DOD Service FLAGS to be installed.

Logistics required to determine minimum distance required from the utility pole and roadway. The flag poles will need to be set 2 feet into the ground so we will need to verify with TN One Call for gas/water lines, etc.

2. The Monument

The monument will be cleaned and structurally checked.  The loosened "hearth" stone at the foot of the monument will be reattached. A stone floor will be laid encircling the monument to aid in preventing future damage from mowers.

3. Poppy Flower Bed

Poppies and Tennessee Iris' has already been erected on the grounds in front of the monument (as a Girl Scout project for the Silver Award-2nd highest award-by Donelson Troop 391/1421).  The height of this bed will be reduced by one layer of block reducing the profile of the bed to approximately 25 inches above ground level and preserving the full view of the monument.

We plan on putting landscape fabric in the bottom of the bed and plastic on the inside walls to prevent dirt from coming out between the blocks and weeds growing through them.  The bed will have mood lighting with a dozen or more solar lights placed in the bed at flower top height.

American Legion Post 88 War Memorial Flower Bed

4. The Walkway

We are planning an ADA compliant path of large stepping stones laid edge to edge​ of a similar color as the stacked block bed.  The path will go from the monument to the bed, around the bed on the Old Lebanon Pike side, to the American Flag pole and with at least one extension toward the Old Lebanon Pike curb.

5. The American Flag Pole 

Improve/fix damaged edging around the flag pole island, paint edging white. - Move lighting fixtures inside the protective edging to avoid damage. Clear and line bottom of rock bed, clean/replace river rock stone within flag pole edging.

6. Electrical & Lighting

 Run underground electrical conduit from one of the utility poles on the property to provide for lighting of the five flag poles and both the front and back of the monument. If this could be done from the utility pole closest to the monument it would save cost & time. Electrical lines will have to be laid by hiring an electrician at the cost of the American Legion. Hopefully we can have this work donated to the Legion or the city/NES will provide this under some provision for community improvement.

7. Water Access

There is a water cover on the property just east of the utility pole near mid-property, along the Old Lebanon Pike edge. We would like to run a water line, with a locking bib, to the poppy bed for watering the flowers during high temperatures or drought conditions.  (Additionally we are considering a future water feature nearby or associated with the Poppy Bed.) Water lines and plumbing work will have to be accomplished by a plumber at the cost of the American Legion. Hopefully we can have this work donated to the Legion or the city/Metro Water Services will provide this under some provision for community improvement.

8. Grass and Trees

Home Depot will aerate and spread 50 pounds of grass seed and fertilizer on the property to improve the overall appearance of the memorial. The Auxiliary wishes to plant a Dogwood Tree on the property, likely west of the flower bed.

For more information about this exiciting project (or to get involved as a volunteer or to donate to this project)- please contact:

Brian McClanahan
American Legion Post 88


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Music City Star ridership is up 20% from last year while commuter rail becomes hot topic in Nashville

Music City Star ridership is up 20% from last year while commuter rail becomes hot topic in Nashville

Based on Music City Star ridership being up 20% from last year the MTA/RTA is now in the early stages of planning a couple of side rails for long-term planning of increased use of the line (Source Jeff Syracuse - Metro Council District 15 Candidate). This is great news for neighbors living on the Nashville Eastern Railroad line with Bluefields sitting in the most enviable position opposite Donelson Station. Since the AMP was rejected by Nashville residents the conversation has moved to commuter Rail as the most viable form of 21st century travel.

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2015 Great American Cleanup!

2015 Great American Cleanup!

Please come on out and lets get Bluefields looking clean and green on Saturday April 11th from 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m *... all neighbors and friends are welcome to pitch in and help!

Keep America Beautiful's Great American Cleanup, the nation's largest community improvement program, takes place annually from March 1 through May 31, involving an estimated 3 million volunteers and attendees. Bluefield Avenue in particular has accumulated trash over the winter in particular at entrance areas and our focus is to pick up trash from one end of Bluefields Avenue to the other to make sure that the great landscaped common areas are our major attraction as folks drive thru our neighborhood (we also believe this will deter people from discarding trash along Bluefields Avenue). We will be setting up 2 primary stations in Bluefields as we did in 2014...

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Here Comes The Music City Star

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