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Hunt Criminal in This Vicinity

Donelson felt the excitement of a manhunt chase this week as police roamed the area in search of Ed Padgett, a robbery suspect who boasted he would not be taken alive. Padgett was believed to be hiding out in this community.

A man answering Padgett’s description is reported to have been seen in the Donelson area.

County police officials were joined in their search by members of the Tennessee State Highway Patrol. Padgett was reported to be heavily armed and the officers were “taking no chances.”

The Federal Bureau of Investigation in Nashville has issued a complaint against the suspect, charging him with the possession and transportation of a stolen automobile across a state line. Kentucky officials have also joined in the search.

Padgett has been a police character in Tennessee, Kansas and Illinois for several years. The chain of crimes for which he is suspected started after his release from the Federal Penitentiary in Atlanta January 10. Robberies in Guthrie, Kentucky, and Gallatin, Tennessee, were reported soon after his release. He was captured at Cave City, Kentucky, on February 25 and the car he was driving was identified as the one stolen from Gallatin. He escaped from the Hart County Jail April 18 and another series of robberies followed in middle Tennessee.

Police records show the following description of Padgett: five feet, seven inches in height; weight, 144 pounds; dark hair and greying brown eyes; four-inch scar on left wrist. He is 39 years old.

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