Historic Bluefields

Junior Alphabet

A is for the angels all of us are,
A is for Aylene most angelic by far,
B is for Bill who simply can’t spell
Now do I mean Hardison or Ezell?
B is for Barbara and Mildred Barbee,
And B is for Boyd who hits every key.

C is for pretty Carlene and Corrine
Cross, Craeger, and Cullom – those handsome young men.
D is for Donald whome the girls adore
D is for our three Dots – Swann, Jacobs, and Moore
E is for Evelyn and Edward – quite a pair
And E is for Ernestine with the beautiful hair.
F is for Fred, better known as “Slick”
F is for Floyd, who’s not a bit thick
G is for Gloria – glamorous but true
G is for our song-bird Greta Sue.
H is for Helen, Holman, and Hurt
Which, do you think, is the biggest flirt?
I is for Inez as fine as can be
She loves a sailor across the sea.
J is for Jolene, Jewell, and Jean,
Three dark-haired lasses, aged seventeen.
K is for the knowledge we Juniors will gain
By the time our diplomas we obtain.
L is for Leona “Liddle” but loud
L is for Leonard of whom we’re proud.
M is for Mamie “flaming” they say,
This you’ll know if you get in her way.
N is for Newman with the shy, friendly grin
N is for Neal, a Future Farmer who’ll win.
O is for O’Donnell, man-about-town,
When anything happens, there he’s found.
P is for the Pirtles – Teachout and Fay,
He works pretty hard – she giggles all day.
Q is for the quotations Mrs. Mc makes us learn
Over which the midnite oil we burn.
R is for our “Richards” – Barrett and Waid,
R is for Roberts, who’ll make his grade.
S is for the Seniors whose accomplishments we cheer,
We hope that we’ll do as well next year.
T is for Townes and Thomas Dye,
Future Farmer boys on whom we rely.
U is for “Uncle John” of Junior Class fame
Whose many activities are never tame.
V is for the valedictorian Shorty will be,
Wait until next year and you’ll see.
W is for Wayne who goes out every night,
With our sweet little, cute little Becky White.
W is for Willie Jane, Woodruff, and Walker,
John, no doubt, is the biggest talker.
X is for the X-Rays we had on our chests,
Not a “lost left lung” among the tests.
Y is for YOU, dear readers, so kind
We hope to all our faults you’ll be blind.
Z is for the zig-zag rhythm and rhyme,
Sorry, the best we can do at this time.

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