Historic Bluefields

Roaming Reporter

By Ernestine Niederhauser and Becky White

As we innocently and primly go about our daily tasks and apparently attend strictly to our own private affairs (which are coming along nicely, thank you), we see all, hear all, know all and now we will tell all.

Romance is definitely in the air at D. H. S. these balmy spring days – We observe that even Bill Ezell has become romantic again (what do you have that these other girls don’t have, Marilyn?) and that perennial bachelor Joe Lannom dates once in a while now – good work, Leona. The Dot Jacobs-Slick Lovelace affair is getting worse and worse day by day. Jean Peek and Edward Smith are going strong – be careful, Ed; Jean is a dangerous woman. Charlene, we’re afraid, is seriously interested in Dick Waid. A cute little Freshman, whose sister with a similar name graduated here last year, is a great admirer of our Jimmy Newman.

Many new romances are getting under way – To mention just a few in the building stage – there’s Jean Lane and Lewis Ward, Peggy Padgett and Donald Farris, Norman Hust and Mamie York, Peggy Dodson and Harold Rehorn, Mildred Barbee and Billy Holman, Nancy Dickson and Tommy Cloyd, and last of all Edna Grace and Bobby Cullom.

Already some of these show signs of flourishing. Hubba-Hubba McClendon is really on the Bald. Of all things we’ve discovered that Helen Childress is writing to Charles Atlas for pictures – what has happened to Milton Vantrease? We see that Frank Newman has been going out with that attractive Cris Gamble. We haven’t overlooked the fact that Gloria Kay is no longer sad – could it be that her old flame Doug Bright has reappeared in her life? Bobby Cross is no longer a one-woman man, he loves them all.

Just because of the atmosphere, soft music and candle light at the Service Banquet, some of the teachers were seen holding hands under the table, why try to keep anything from us.

Well Aylene has done it again – another man has gone out of her life “Into love and out again thus she went and thus she goes.” Her heart is as flexible as paper, it’s been broken so many times. What’s this we hear about a grey 36 Buick with a Donelson High tag on it parked in Shelby Park late on Friday nite. Take it easy, J. B. Did you notice the boys at D. H. S. finally got the fad? Better late than never – Those bow-ties really looked like Frankie in person.

We close wondering why Jolene Warren is so fond of Church Socials – how about it, J. T.?

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