Historic Bluefields

The Bottom of the Afternoon

By Bill O’Donnell

THE banquet went off fine, the reasons being: The delicious food, short speeches, magnificent decorations, and musical entertainment. Well, now it’s over, the banquet, that is. No one is sad unless it’s those families whose rosebushes were mutilated. It was rumored that after three boys in a blue Ford left a certain house where they had been getting roses, the lady of the house came out, looked at her former rosebushes, and remarked, “I thought they said they wanted to pick some roses, not prune the bushes!”

THIS AND THAT – Clark McClendon, the one who knocked a home run with the bases loaded in the Litton game, is a member of the exclusive “K. K. Klub” (anyone wishing information concerning this club is asked to contact “Rabbit” for “he know it.”

Note to E. B. concerning the night of May 9th, “Think we got time?”

T. Cloyd really brought the banquet to a climax with the dance at his house. Everyone had a swell time.

Overheard in the geometry class, “The shortest distance between two dates is a good line.”

It seems that “Coming Through the Rye” is becoming popular again. Lovelace, McCullom, Denson, Whistle, and now Jugger. Who’s next?....

Why is it that “The Cedars of Lebanon” is so enjoyable? Could it be the long ride home?...

DON’T MISS THE SESQUICENTENNIAL! [Note – Tennessee was admitted to the Union as the 16th state on June 1, 1796.]

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