Historic Bluefields

Junior Journal (Newspaper Insert)

(Highlights / Headlines)

  • News from All Classes
  • Girls Tennis Tournament – [Held at Montgomery Bell Academy, team comprised of Leona Liddle, Repete Anderson, Dot Jacobs, Peggy Dodson, Mildred Barbee, and Shorty Swann.] “Thursday was a bad day to have to play because of the banquet. Several played with their hair rolled up and everyone had ‘hurry, hurry’ on their minds all during the games….”
  • Honor Roll
  • Senior May Daze [About end of year Senior activities such as the play and banquet]
  • Our Editorial [from Juniors] “So, we’re sorry for the Seniors – we’re sorry they will miss the thrill of a new term at D. H. S. We’re sorry for ourselves that in just another year we, too, will be on our way out….” By Gloria Kay
  • Future Farmer Activities
  • First Service Banquet Held
  • Everyone Liked ‘The Phantom’ [Senior play]
  • Baseball Team Is Organized
  • Saluting a Few of Our Most Outstanding Seniors [Vernon “Whistle” Allen, Fred “Dangerous Dan” Denson, Sam Love, Peggy Forehand, Ann Love, Lucille Hagar, and Betty Jo McCandless]
  • Classified Ads – “FOR SALE – My collection of notes allowing me to go anywhere in the building – all worn but signatures still legible. See Donald Malone.” … etc.

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