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Plan More Building at State Home

The addition of several new structures, some of which are already under construction, is expected to greatly increase the number of patients at the Tennessee Feeble-Minded Home in Donelson.

A new building, the cost of which has not been estimated yet, has been approved. The new dormitory, to be located adjacent to the main kitchen, will be able to accommodate 108 new patients in addition to providing additional storage space. The building will contain two floors.


Dr. H. P. Hyder, superintendent, also indicated that another dormitory similar to the one just approved is planned for the near future.

Ground has already been broken for a new $60,000 refrigeration plant. The new plant, when completed, will more than double the Home’s present storage and ice-production capacity. A new boiler has also been installed.

Dr. Hyder estimates the new additions to the Home will require the services of an additional six employes.

The Home, only one of its kind in the State, now has 712 patients and 72 employes.

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