Historic Bluefields

Criminals Shoot Out Phone Line


Police authorities were today continuing their search for persons unknown who Tuesday almost completely disrupted telephone connections between Donelson and Nashville by severing the cable through bullet fire.

The Southern Bell Telephone Company has posted a reward of $250 for information leading to the conviction of the guilty parties.

Service between Donelson and Nashville were found usable and were kept open by the Donelson Office for only emergency use. Nashville, meanwhile, was unable to reach Donelson and the lack of service forced Radio Station WSIX to abandon programs from its downtown studios and only play recordings at the Donelson transmitter.

Examination disclosed that seven .22 calibre rifle bullets had been fired into the cable along Lebanon Road at Mill Creek. Four of the bullets are now in the hands of ballistics experts.

Service was resumed between Donelson and Nashville Tuesday evening.

Two other signs of violence, believed to have grown out of the telephone strike, occurred at the same time and $100 rewards have been posted by the Southern Bell Company for those acts.

A few workers have returned to the Donelson office but it is still functioning on an emergency basis. The office has tried to fill all calls but a heavy demand Friday forced the acceptance of only emergency calls.

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