Historic Bluefields

Donelson To Get Photographic Studio

Another new business for Donelson, one more step in the progression of the town, will make its appearance about June 1st. It is a photo shop, temporarily being considered under the name of Bluefield Photography Shop, to be owned and operated by William R. Jacobs, DIARY photagrapher, and James Dugan, of Nashville.

Plans call for the establishment of the business to be in the rear of the Bloom's Department Store until larger quarters may be obtained.

For some time the DIARY has been attempting to work out a plan to publish pictures of all children under one year of age. Further details of this plan will be announced after the Horse Show on June 10, but at that time it is expected the DIARY will issue a certificate entitling your child to have his or her picture taken entirely free of all cost; you select the pose and we'll publish several each week in the DIARY. You will not necessarily have to be a subscriber, but of course we'd like to have you on our list anytime, then or now.

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