Historic Bluefields

The Greatest Gift

Those who give themselves grow richer.

The kindly word, the spontaneous smile, the thoughtful deed -- those are outward expressions of the goodness inside the hearts and minds of men.

Those of us in the newspaper business must record the little things that make news day by day. Often we wish there were less of pettiness in the world and more of the spirit of Christmas scattered throughout the year. But the day that marks the birth of Jesus brings with it a rebirth of faith and hope and a realization that deep down inside each person there are Christ-like qualities of unselfishness, loyalty and devotion to the highest principles of God and man. It is those qualities which make Christmas the most joyous season of all.

Truly, there is "joy to the world" in abundant evidence of self-giving, of hands clasped in friendship, of hearty good wishes. How insignificant are the little troublesome things of the world in the light of the Christmas spirit that pervades the world!

And so we again join in the gladness of the season to wish all our friends and subscribers.



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