Historic Bluefields

Donelson Student

Heard in the Halls

  • We can't seem to figure out who Bob Cross' latest heartbeat is. He was seen with Ernestine Niederhauser Saturday night.
  • "Peter" Hooper was seen again with that cute gal, Dot Wilson. Could this be the real thing?
  • It seems that Jim Boyd has lost out with Baby Sis Nunley and that Bobby Cullum has taken over. Jim, are you going to let him do you that way?
  • Tom Cloyd and Nancy Dickens are getting to be one of those "regular couples."
  • Several of Donelson's football players and the assistant coach, Buddy Dick, and their dates, were seen at the Princess Theater Saturday night.
  • Mildred Barbee sure does dress up for her dates with Ben Krise. Don't get too serious, Mildred.
  • Bill Ezell is the dream boy of one of the girls from West High. Marilyn, you had better watch Bill, because the girl sure is cute.
  • We hear that Jane McKinney received a long distance telephone call and that it was from a certain Marine.
  • Well, it seems that Baby Sis Nunley has changed again. Friday night she was seen leaving the football game with George Niederhauser, one of the Duncan players.

"Build Not a Wall Around Thee"

Before the war Japan was building a gigantic wall around herself, claiming she wanted to be safe from any offensive drive. By this, she was automatically doing more than exclude any possible enemies; she was shutting out world culture.

China, for hundreds of years, has had a wall about her. She has not only tried to keep out enemies but civilization as we know it. Only in recent times has China begun admitting occidental ideas, culture and civilization.

Many students are in this same position. They take a stand on a question, and proceed to build a wall around it, excluding all arguments, no matter how worthy and truthful. This biased, prejudiced attitude is conducive to bigotry.

No one can circumscribe his outlook, restrict his scope and escape clogged narrowed limitations. Open your mind to reason and logic! There are two sides to every question.

- Milton W. Vantrease.

All-Star Game Set for Turkey Day

Nashville's annual all-star football game has been set for the 22nd of November, at M. B. A. Andrews Field. This charity contest will be played before an estimated crowd of 7,000 people. In addition to the seating of 4,000, bleachers will be added to run the seating capacity to 6,500....

National Book Week

This is National Book Week, a week designated to encourage the reading of books. Have you read a good book during the past month? If you haven't why don't you select one this week and read it this week end. The library has books to suit all "tastes" in reading.

All people who read books do not become famous, but all famous men have

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