Historic Bluefields

Dons Lose to Visitors

Friday, the 13th, proved to be unlucky for the Donelson High School football team and the Dons dropped their opening game to Franklin, 12 to 6, on the home field last week in a night contest witnessed by over 1000 fans….

Both Franklin and Donelson gave evidence of surprisingly good training with many plays clicking in mid-season form yet opening game jitters caused a few miscues.

ill Ezell, one of the most dependable ball-carriers on the Don squad, handled the ball on five occasions and fumbled four times. He became so upset that he had to be relieved.

The new stadium seats were painted in time for the game and drew the approval of the crowd.

Identical school colors made the contest a bit confusing in that the pants of both teams were alike. Franklin wore white jerseys to avoid further confusion. Even the uniforms of the pep squad were identical. Fans, incidentally, have been requesting the cheerleaders to arrange some program for the half-time rest period.

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