In order to help reduce the traffic hazard to children, the Sheriff’s Office has assigned Deputy Jim Charlton to “cover” Donelson during morning school hours.

“He will have full authority to arrest violators of the speeding laws,” Chief Deputy Sheriff Jake Sheridan said.

Sheridan, however, pointed out that existing signs only limit speed to 30 miles per hour in Donelson and that the usual 15-mile per hour school zone markers were needed. He indicated arrests would not “stick” in court unless the school areas were properly posted.

“We hope to organize a children’s Safety Patrol in the schools in the near future,” Sheridan said.

Charlton, a Donelson resident, is a court officer and cannot be present in the afternoons when children are returning home but he indicates he hopes to arrange with someone to erect the movable signs at that time. Charlton plans to concentrate his efforts at the Grammar School until arrangements can be made to cover the High School as well.