Historic Bluefields

Civic Club Plans Much Next Year


A seven-point program, recommended by the Advisory Board, was adopted as objectives for the forthcoming year by the Men’s Civic club in the first winter meeting – at the Donelson High School last Thursday night.

The program outlined the objectives in broad terms and the execution will be in the hands of several committees appointed by President James Hooper.

The objectives are: 1 – To acquire or persuade the County to acquire the parking area next to the Athletic Field; 2 – To stimulate patriotic action in the community toward assuming full duties of citizenship; 3 – To promote and develop recreation; 4 – To promote entertainment, including another Horse Show; 5 – To promote safe, economical and convenient transportation facilities between Donelson and Nashville; 6 – To promote safety in the community; 7 – To promote high standards of effective training in Donelson High School and Donelson Elementary School….

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