Historic Bluefields

Common Areas At Bluefields

Smart Growth Team working to revitalize Historic Bluefields

One of the most attractve and charming characteristics of Bluefields is the common areas found throughtout the neighborhood. Common areas are spaces usually at street corners that currently have small gardens that are maintained by neighbors.

In 2014 the Smart Growth Committee commenced the revitalization of common areas on Bluefield Avenue which combined with a road repavement have grealy improved the experience of driving thru our neighborhood and setting the tone of a well maintained and cared for neighborhood. The Smart Growth Team pictured in action above!

For visitors to Bluefields these common areas set a tone to the neighborhood that is both classic and inviting. Adding to that is the volunteer spirit that really makes these areas special. From early spring until late fall gardens are tended to and mowed to maintain a warm and welcoming area that is enjoyed daily by residents and visitors walking, running and driving throughout the neighborhood.

Common Areas are focused on during our annual Spring Cleanup and Fall Clean (Keep Bluefields Beautiful!). Neighbors join forces to clean up common areas including weeding, mowing, post & sign painting, and mulching. The common areas are maintained by neighbors throughout the year including mowing, weed eating, gardening, weeding and even some new plants and designs as well as summer watering during the hot months.

There are currently 8 Common Areas in Historic Bluefields:

Bluefield Donelson Entrance Left Common - Historic Bluefields

Bluefield-Donelson Left Entrance

Bluefield Donelson Entrance Common Right - Historic Bluefields

Bluefield-Donelson Right Entrance

Bluefield Avenue & Cumberland Circle Revitalization

Bluefield Avenue - Cumberland Circle Common Area

Habersham Bluefield Square Common Area - Historic Bluefields

Habersham Bluefield Square Common Area

Spring Valley Overhill Common - Historic Bluefields

Spring Valley Overhill Common Area

 Overhill Cumberland Common - Historic Bluefields

Overhill Cumberland Common Area

Bluefield Avenue & Overhill Circle Revitalization - Historic Bluefields

Bluefield Avenue / Overhill Circle Common Area

Bluefield Avenue & Spring Valley Road Revitalization - Historic Bluefields

Bluefield Avenue / Spring Valley Road Common Area

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