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Have New Daughter

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Phillips on Bluefield Avenue, who have a new daughter, born Monday morning at Vanderbilt Hospital.

Smith-Arnott Wedding Rites Solemnized Last Sunday

Miss Alice Louise Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Walker Smith, became the bride of Robert Lochhead Arnott, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Arnott of Brooklyn, New York, in a ceremony at 4 o'clock Sunday afternoon, April 27, at the Andrew Price Memorial Methodist Church....


Later in the evening the couple left for an Eastern wedding trip, and upon their return here will be guests of her parents before leaving for their home in Brooklyn, N. Y., where he is connected with the South Brooklyn Savings Bank.

New Frazier Son

Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Frazier on the arrival of their first heir, a son, weighing 8 pounds 2 ounces, born Monday of last week at St. Thomas Hospital. He has been named Robert Alton. His grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Alton Frazier, of Lebanon, and Mr. and Mrs. C. V. Edwards, of Springfield, visited at the Frazier home on Polk Avenue Sunday.

News From Over The Community

Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Robertson and T. J. Browning attended the Kentucky Derby in Louisville Saturday.

Mr. and Mrs. John Kizer recently moved into the home with Mrs. G. C. Russell on Polk Avenue.

Mrs. W. H. Ward, of Hampton, Virginia, arrived Sunday for an extended visit at the home of her son, the W. H. Wards, on Cumberland Circle.

Charles Bradley, Jr., was in Athens, Alabama, the early part of the week where he purchased a candy making machine for the Bradley Candy Company, which he and his father operate. He brought the machine back on a truck.

Taylor's Market reports a good sales in Union-Sealtest Ice Cream, especially since they installed their new open deepfreeze unit, and, coupled with the DIARY advertising program of the company.

Central Pike

Mrs. Bennie Bright
Phone News to 58Y

  • Mr. and Mrs. Burton Cook and Mr. and Mrs. Dalton Foster went to the Grand Ole Opry Saturday night.
  • If you need any plowing or disking done, call W. B. Gilliam (adv).
  • Mrs. Robert Eakes is back in bed again. She has now been under the care of a doctor for four weeks. We hope she soon gets able to be about again.
  • Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Hicks are remodeling their house and will soon be able to move into it. It is located on Earheart Road.
  • P. W. Hurt has bought a big farm in Wilson County.
  • Miss Ruth Pulley and Miss Inez Walton and "Dumpling" were guests Sunday afternoon of Eva Eakes.
  • Well, Folks, if it doesn't frost I'll see you again next week.

Morrow Headden

(Too late for last week)

  • Hearty congratulations to the folks in Alexander's Bend. They will have electricity soon since their poles were erected Saturday.
  • Jane Morrow celebrated a birthday last week and received a new bicycle. Under the able instruction of Tony Brady, she was able to learn to ride the same day.
  • Sue Joyce Commins also celebrated a recent birthday and among other gifts was a box of candy from W. E. Neal.
  • Mrs. J. T. Alexander, in charge of the lunchroom at the school, reports the work is much more enjoyable since the arrival of new equipment.
  • The community welcomed the Louis Sands family Thursday night with a house-warming at their new home on Couchville Pike. The Sands were presented a basket of useful and lovely gifts, after a picture show by Wayne Huggins. Those present were Mrs. Waldrop, Mrs. Ellis, Mrs. Russell, Mrs. Townes, Mrs. Brakefield, Mrs. Duke, Mrs. McQuary and son, Douglas, Mrs. W. G. McClendon, Mr. and Mrs. William Morrow, Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Richardson, Mrs. Ed Wilks and daughters, Mrs. Huggins, Mrs. Valna Goodwin, Mrs. J. H. Chadwell, and Mary, Mrs. Eleanor Chadwell, Mrs. Willie Fergus, Mrs. Martha Bess, Mrs. Thomas Bess, Jimmie Bess and Mrs. Beulah Townes.
  • Judge Brown Taylor has bought the Osborne place on Granny Wright Lane.
  • Members of the Morrow-Headden Home Demonstration Club:  be sure to watch for the date of the May meeting. It will not be on the regular third Friday since that is the date of the county Dress Contest.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hunter have named their twin baby girls Gloria Paulette and Patricia Annette. The babies are the grand-children of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Neal and great-grandchildren of Mrs. W. F. Wright.

Una News

Mrs. E. H. Duke,
Phone News to 6-3227

  • Newcomers to the neighborhood are the tenants of the recently completed Gill Apartments on Murfreesboro Road. They are:  Mr. and Mrs. Dean Lewallen, formerly of Arkansas; Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Lesley, who is at the Veteran's Hospital in the legal department; Mr. and Mrs. R. O. Rack:  Mr. and Mrs. Randle Jones and little son.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Bradford, of Duke's Apartments, have moved to the Ellis house, a beautiful stone house in Una. Tommy will continue to live with them.
  • The Louis Clappers are moving up in the world -- they've moved from a basement apartment at the Dukes to the first floor location formerly occupied by the Stumpfs. Meanwhile, Mr. and Mrs. O. K. Balls are moving in the vacated basement apartment.
  • Miss Ruth Bumpas, Mrs. Rogers Smith and Hershel Gower will motor to Holly Grove, Arkansas, Sunday, where James Syler will be their host. The group will then go to Memphis where they will be joined by Mrs. Weaver Harris, who will accompany Governor and Mrs. Jim McCord. They are registered at the Claridge Hotel. Governor McCord will crown the queen of the Cotton Carnival.
  • Have you heard the new organ at the Arlington Methodist Church? The services are much improved by its addition.

Brown's Creek

Mrs. R. C. Stewart, Correspondent
Call news to 5-0297

We are glad to have Mrs. Lane back at the Airways Food Market....


Mrs. W. R. Holman, correspondent

  • Miss Louise Rudy and Miss Sarah Scott visited Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Qualls, Jr., of Livingston, and fished in Dale Hollow lake recently.
  • Miss Nancy Dickens is spending some time with her grand-parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Lipscomb. We are glad to hear she has the cast off her leg and is now able to be up in a wheel chair.
  • Well, Folks, it's "spring cleaning time." Someone has said, "keep a clean house all the time and there will be no need to spring clean." Now, we agree that is true but who doesn't enjoy going through all closets and storage places and finding theings long forgotten. This is especially true when we find a once-lovely hat (now a little crushed). We can also find discarded shoes, dresses and other things we may use only to be stacked away again but with a clear conscience.

Dodson Chapel

Phone News to Mrs. A. D. Jackson

  • Mrs. Hilton Peek motored to Nashville Monday.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Jackson gave a birthday dinner Sunday celebrating the first birthday of their little daughter, Shirley Elizabeth. The dinner guests numbered eleven.

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