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Juanita McCanless Celebrates Birthday

Juanita Caroline McCanless, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. C. A. McCanless, celebrated her fifth birthday on Friday at a party at her home on Bluefield Avenue.

Her friends came at three o'clock and enjoyed numerous games on the lawn. The pretty gifts were opened by "Nita," and the children were read a birthday story by her mother. On entering the dining room the guests were given a pink party hat by the little hostess and after singing "Happy Birthday" and blowing out the candles, ice cream and cake was served.

Drawing and fishing games were held with a souvenir for each. Present were Carole Turner, Sue Ella Harvey, Hunter Harvey, Tom and Wesley Albright, Bunkie Brandon and Charlie Mallory.

Wins Poetry Contest

Jane Alice Glasgow, a fourth-grade student at Donelson Grammar School, will read her prize-winning poem before the Davidson County P.T.A. council on My 6. She won the Sixth District prize for the division, consisting of children in grades from 1 to 4, according to Mrs. Dempsey Weaver Cantrell, chairman. Jane Alice is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Glasgow.

News From Over The Community

H. J. Goodrich, of Huntsville, Texas, arrived last week to be a guest for the summer at the home of his son, Mr. and Mrs. J. Houston Goodrich, on Bluefield Avenue.

Dr. C. W. Gaskins left Monday for Chicago to attend a two-weeks' lecture course in medicines and surgery, and upon his return will move into his new office in the Theatre Building.

Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Adamson, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan Slusher and children and Mr. and Mrs. Harold Griffin and son, Kenneth, all of Watertown, visited at the L. S. Clapper home over the weekend.

Howard Hulett celebrated his 30th birthday yesterday afternoon with an informal party at the DIARY. Several friends dropped in to help Howard enjoy his cake -- he couldn't because he's on a diet!

Mr. and Mrs. Newton Jones returned home Monday from a 10-day vacation in Florida.

Dodson Chapel

Phone News to Mrs. A. D. Jackson

  • Gary Richard Jackson is shut in with Scarlet Fever. We hope he will soon be over his illness.
  • Mrs. Andrew Jackson and daughter, Shirley, spent the weekend in Nashville with her mother, Mrs. Carrie Miles, of Woodbine.
  • Mrs. Earl Hager and baby are at home with reports indicating both are during fine.

Central Pike

Mrs. Bennie Bright
Phone News to 58Y

  • Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Bright and Jimmy, Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Bright and Mrs. Bennie Bright went fishing at Indian Lake last week. Jimmy caught a fish.
  • Miss Christine Wright and Wendell Simpson were married last week and are making their home with Dr. and Mrs. Lee Wright. We wish them all sorts of success.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Aubrey Baggerly will soon have their house completed.
  • Nearly everybody is behind in gardening and plowing this year as the ground doesn't get dry enough to work before it starts raining again.


Una News

Mrs. E. H. Duke,
Phone News to 6-3227

  • The beautiful Kingsley Hall property at Murfreesboro Road and McGavock Lane was turned over to the First Baptist Church recently. It will serve as a home for aged. The transfer of this ante-bellum property was made by Mayor Thomas L. Cummings to a group of trustees representing the Fidelis Bible Class who were given a 10-year lease for one dollar and other consideration. Among the trustees listed are Dr. John L. Hill, Mrs. Arch Kinsey, Mrs. Ida Baker and Miss Irene Tanksley.
  • Mrs. A. E. McLaughlin and Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Huddleston called recently on Mrs. J. Lin Duke and new baby, Darla Lynne, at Vanderbilt Hospital.

Morrow Headden

  • Mr. and Mrs. Odell Walden entertained Wednesday night with a fish supper complimenting the Alden Lannoms and the Alex Liddles.
  • The community sympathizes with Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Harrison in the serious illness of their son, Wayne, who is in Protestant Hospital.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Wright and Lonnie, Jr., are visiting friends and relatives here. They are now living in Charlestown, Indiana.

Brown's Creek

Mrs. R. C. Stewart, Correspondent
Call news to 5-0297

  • We welcome Charles Tarkington, of Little Lot, to this community. He is now living with his sister, Mrs. Marvin Adams, and is employed at Mt. Olivet for the summer. He expects to enter David Lipscomb College this fall.
  • Jack Cayce is back at work after an illness of a month.


  • Mr. and Mrs. Pete Cartwright are the proud parents of a baby girl, bon the past week. Both mother and infant are reportedly doing fine. Congratulations. (From the DIARY also.)
  • C. K. Pamar is reported seriously ill at St. Thomas Hospital.


Mrs. W. R. Holman, correspondent

  • So ole' man weather tries to make us believe spring is still around the corner, but dear readers, the birds are doing all they can to prove spring is really here. There are robins, blue jays, orioles, and most all kinds of birds flitting from tree to tree in our yard, and it cannot be so very much longer before the sun will be bright and warm, to cheer us on our way.
  • Work is progressing on the razing of the dwelling owned and formerly occupied by the F. G. Rutherfords. We hear they plan to rebuild at another location on their farm, Ruddy Acres.

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