Historic Bluefields

Society and Local News Items

  • Baxter Hurt is completing plans for a buying trip to Europe. He will leave by plane on April 27.
  • Roy Davis has finished boot training and is in the South Pacific.
  • The Tenderfoots have been receiving instruction in knot-tieing from Bob Cullum.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Shepherd have brought a lot near the ferry and plan to build when he is releaved from the Navy.
  • Mrs. Edward Nunley and daughter Edna, and son, Edward, Jr. are now making their home on Lebanon Road.
  • Dr. and Mrs. Greenfield, newlyweds, of Veterans' Hospital, were Wednesday evening callers at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Maricle on Bluefield Avenue.
  • Capt. James R. Cox, a former pastor, has been released from the Army and is making his home near Donelson. He and Mrs. Cox are the proud parents of a new boy.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Pierce and Mr. and Mrs. Tom Brandon were guests for dinner Saturday evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George Davis on Bluefield Avenue.
  • W. H. Parker left Monday for several days' business trip to Atlanta. Mr. Parker is connected with the Parker and Long Refrigeration company in Nashville.
  • Dr. Jesse E. Wilson returned Thursday night from Washington where he visited at the home of his daughter. Dr. Wilson made the entire trip by plane and thoroughly enjoyed it. Mrs. Wilson, who had been visiting in Washington for two weeks, also returned home but refused to fly so she arrived Friday.

Birthday Party

Miss Becky White celebrated her 18th birthday last Wednesday night with a party at the home of her grandmother, Mrs. Billy Russell. Guests included Jolene Warren, Leona Liddle, Arthur Nelson, Clifford Phillips, and Bill Hooper. Mrs. Herbert White and Mrs. Russell assisted in serving. Becky, however, did not extinguish all of the candles with one blow.

Spaghetti Supper

Members of the Tuesday Bridge Club honored their husbands at a spaghetti supper Saturday evening at the home of Mrs. Joe DeMatteo on Old Lebanon Road. There were 16 persons present.

Morrow Headden

  • J. W. Sargent, Jim and Joe, and P. A. Huggins went to Columbia last week for the Mule Day celebration. Sam Neal was also there.
  • The new Home Demonstration Club for the Smith Springs community was organized last week. Mrs. Andrew Duke is the first president. Other officers are:  Mrs. Elmer Chadwell, secretary, and Mrs. Melvin Jones, vice-president. The club will meet with Mrs. Duke on the Smith Springs Road the first Tuesday in May.

Una News

Mrs. E. H. Duke,
Phone News to 6-3227

  • Mr. and Mrs. J. Lin Duke have named their little daughter Dorna Lynne. She was born at Vanderbilt Hospital Saturday and weighed 7 3/4 pounds.
  • The 4-H and Home Demonstration Clubs are planning a joint box supper, the proceeds of which will go to the 4-H Club's swimming pool in Carthage.
  • Mrs. Myrick's room at the Una School, composed of first and second grade pupils, is building a circus. The children are collecting pictures of circus animals and some are making puppets.
  • A group of people recently enjoyed a fishing expedition at Todd Lake, Murfreesboro. Those on the trip with Mr. and Mrs. Emery Miller, Emery, Jr., and Virginia, and her guest, Miss Bessie Jennings, Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Buckingham, Sterling Groover, Judy Groover and Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Collins, Jr., of Marietta, Georgia.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Moody and Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Moody drove down from Franklin, Kentucky, Sunday to welcome the little new-comer to their family. The new father was quick to pronounce her the most beautiful baby he had ever seen.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stumpf, of the Stumpf Grocery, spent Sunday in Cobb, Kentucky, investigating hybrid corn.


Mrs. W. R. Holman, correspondent

  • Well, well! If April showers bring May flowers, then the gardens should be a riot of color within two more weeks. I have just about decided the only way to use the bean seeds I have is to eat them -- the ground stays too wet for planting.
  • There are a lot of folks going fishing these days. The banks of the river at Lock 2 are seldom without company.
  • O. M. Weekley is quite busy, cleaning fence rows and setting fences.
  • Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Lehning, who were only recently married. Mrs. Lehning is the former Miss Olyne Waddell of this community. They are making their home at 1308 Shelton Avenue in Nashville.
  • Little Priscilla Pruett had the misfortune to break her arm in a fall from the porch last week.
  • Folks, please send me the news -- the grapevine is working even if the telephone isn't!

Dodson Chapel

Phone News to Mrs. A. D. Jackson

  • Mrs. Mildred Collins and daughter, Joyce, spent last Wednesday with Mrs. Andrew Jackson and daughter.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Earl Hager are the proud parents of a big baby boy born April 10 at Madison Hospital.
  • William A. Wright, Jr., has gone into business for himself. We wish him success in his new venture.

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