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  • Mr. and Mrs. John Bell are the proud parents of a little girl, Margaret Frances. Congratulations!
  • Miss Barbara Barton spent the Easter weekend in Henderson, Kentucky, where she was a house guest of Miss Marie McKnight and her parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Rudy, Jr. She went especially to attend the Spring dance of Miss Margie Schux.
  • Mrs. F. F. Robinson, of Robinson, Tennessee, spent the weekend at the R. H. Cullum home.
  • The R. E. Slaughters now have a new Ford. Mrs. Slaughter drove it back from Louisville,
  • Mr. and Mrs. John B. Bell are the proud parents of a 5 1/2-pound baby daughter named Margaret Frances. She was born at Protestant Hospital on March 27.
  • Miss Myrtle Stanford left Thursday of last week for Blancaster, Ohio, to be a guest at the home of her fiance, William Brown.
  • Your eyes weren't deceiving you Monday morning -- it was Percy Rauschenberger who was merely trying out a new tricycle at his store!
  • Mr. and Mrs. J. P. DeCleene, en route to their home in Chicago after a four-month vacation in Florida, spent Easter with their daughter, the Roy Huffmans on Overhill Drive.
  • Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Millspaugh, formerly of Berry Hill, have moved into the house formerly occupied by the C. B. Merry family in Bluefields. They recently entertained J. W. Millspaugh, his brother, of Washington, D. C.

Green Hill

(Phone news to any member of Green Hill Woman's Club.)

  • Miss Kay Olive spent the Easter holidays at her home in Florence, Alabama.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Jack Hays and Mr. and Mrs. John Everett have returned from a trip to Pickwick Dam.

Pleasant Grove

Thomas Carver, Correspondent

  • An impressive Easter service was held Sunday at the Church of God, with Mrs. V. G. McCormick as leader. Brother Howell Sharpe of Birmingham, Alabama, made a brief talk during the morning service. An egg hunt was held for the children following the program.
  • At Pleasant Grove, Brother H. H. Bixler filled his regular appointment, preaching on the story of Easter. In the evening an egg hunt was held.
  • The death angel has visited in this community for the past two weeks, and taken little Richard Neal Hall, son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Hall; Monday evening, Mrs. Thursie Sinor was called away, and her son, Mack, died the following Wednesday morning. Sunday afternoon, Lex Wright was called to his reward. Mrs. Dora Burnett was buried Sunday afternoon at the Cawthon Cemetery near Pleasant Grove.

Morrow Headden

  • Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Jones have moved to Milan.
  • The P. W. Hurts have just completed the remodelling of their home. They have added a new kitchen, breakfast room and bathroom.

Una News

Mrs. E. H. Duke,
Phone News to 6-3227

  • The pipe-organ is being installed at Arlington Methodist Church and will be used Sunday. I am certain that every member of the Sunday School and Church will feel a special pride in having this beautiful organ at this time. Arlington is a friendly church. Come and have a part in Arlington's services.
  • Miss Loula Mai Smith recently spent a few days with her mother, Mrs. Loula Mai Smith. She has now returned to the Pacific Coast.
  • Marvin Seaple is going to fly from New York to Bermuda. He will go from here to New York by pullman.


Mrs. W. R. Holman, correspondent

  • Mr. and Mrs. Elzie Miller and children were bedtime guests of the W. R. Holmes Friday night.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Billy Padgett have their new home nearly completed. During the 18 1/2 years this correspondent has lived in this community it has grown almost into a little town, lacking only businesses. They will surely follow when (and if) a bridge is put across the river at Williams Ferry.
  • Gardens will all be late this year since Old Man Winter stayed longer than usual. But it seems he has departed now for good.

Central Pike

Mrs. Bennie Bright
Phone News to 58Y

  • There's lots of sickness up on the pike. In some families, from one to three members are ill. We hope they soon get better.
  • Lex Wright died Sunday afternoon. He had been very sick for some time. Mrs. Wright has had a heart attack and the daughter has been down with the "flu." We certainly sympathize with them in the death of Mr. Wright and hope they soon improve in health.
  • We welcome our new neighbors, Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell, from Old Hickory. They have moved on part of the Wright farm near Central Pike.
  • Pauline is really stepping out in that Dodge. Be careful.
  • Well, Folks, Spring is here so let's get busy and work a bit. See you next week.

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